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L.R. Brands is a carefully curated collection of bathroom accessories and products that take your design to the next level. From elegantly engineered total shower and bath solutions to free-standing tub drains, L.R. Brands is the home for design-minded individuals.

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Elevate your Shower Design.

QuickDrain delivers a custom-feeling solution for every shower drain challenge. Its bathroom products push the boundaries of shower designs.

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The Stylish Edit. Timeless Bath Accessories

1916 Collection is a carefully curated portfolio of thoughtfully designed bath accessories. This unique collection enhances both the form and function of every bath experience.

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Concealed and sleek look

WallDrain offers the ultimate in shower luxury and design innovation. Built into the wall instead of the floor surface, this hidden shower drain offers a totally concealed and sleek look.

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Spa-like experience for homeowners

SquareDrain is an elevated point drain shower system that stands out from the rest. Create a spa-like bathroom experience with these square shower drains.

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Tub-to-shower conversions

ShowerLine linear shower drain is the perfect choice for tub-to-shower conversions and projects that need to maximize the return on investment while delivering sophisticated style.

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freestanding tub drain

Hassle-free installation

The 1916 Collection Freestanding Tub Drain removes the guesswork and complexity of installing freestanding or island tubs.

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